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Capri Citrine Studs
Capri Citrine Studs
Capri Citrine Studs
Capri studs collection in 18k rose gold, available in citrine, blue topaz, amethyst and garnet

Capri Citrine Studs


These timeless 18karat gold studs come in many candy colours and add a touch of effortless chic to any outfit. Available in citrine, blue topaz, garnet and amethyst.

citrine, 9mm, round brilliant cut ( 0.35in.)
citrine approx. approx.3ct. each, totalling to 6 ct.
set in 18k yellow gold
Dimension: 10mm H. x 10mmW.x 7.5mm D. (0.39in H. x0.39in H. x2 9in D.)
weight: 17.8g